one of the absolute references in spiritual jazz. orginally released on the strata-east cult label, and not properly re-issued yet, unlike other juju's records.

(struggle) home
soledad brothers
freedom fighter
make your own revolution now
father is back

plunky nikabinde (ts, ss, shekere, vcl)
lon moshe (vb, fl, pic, vcl)
al-hammel (p, shekere, vcl)
ken shabala (b, fl, vcl)
jalango ngoma (perc, shekere, vcl)
babatunde (d, cg, vcl)


vesper said...


Lucky said...

thanks, vesper!
this strata-east gem sure looks great. i've never heard of juju - they released more stuff back in the 70s?

vesper said...

Absolutely, they also used to be named Oneness of Juju and released some sort of afro-funk-free-jazz classics. Check out African Rhythms or Space Jungle Luv, or an excellent double-CD best-of comp. They actually still tour, new band members probably, but same leader, Plunky.

greg davis said...


Anonymous said...


JBL said...

Is this a rip from the original vinyl (or is there even a vinyl reissue?)
Thanks for sharing.

vesper said...

Japanese CD rip

Anonymous said...

Hello :-)

I remember the first album that really did it for for wat Strata-2-East, a complilation. I never foung the first volume.. I don't suppose you would have it?

Also, please :-) could you re-up this one?

Much, appreciated a new fan :-)

Big Nige

Anonymous said...

Apologies for spelling, It's just I'm so excited finding you :-)

B Nige

Anonymous said...

hi there
any chance of a repost of this, it is not showing up on rapidshare

the first strata east comp is available at my blog for anyone interested www.beautifulnoiseskin.blogspot.com


vesper said...

I just checked, the link is still active

Anonymous said...

Thanx for the share. I got here from the link on the Strata-East Fan Club blog.

Simon666 said...

Hi Vesper -
I put a link to here from my re-post of Shamek Farrah's "First Impressions" (part of the OIR series)
All the best,
Simon from Never Enough Rhodes

peskypesky said...

If it's spiritual jazz and it was released by Strata-East, there's a good chance it's going to brighten up my life, so thank you for sharing this.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the juju album, looking forward to this one.

noteworthy said...

I came here via 'Nothig Is', another fine blog. Thanks for this. I'm expecting a great album. Cheers! :)

JJ said...

Thanks for this just listenin to chapter 2 and I need more...

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