definitely massive funky fusion

sticky wicket
message from mars
i'm aware of you

larry young (moog organ, mini moog synthesizer, string synthesizer, hammond B-3 organ, fender rhodes, electric piano, vocals)
julius brockington (clavinet, moog)
larry coryell (g, vcl)
ray gomez (g)
david eubanks (b)
danny toan (g)
jim allington (d, perc)
al lockett (fl, ss, ts, vcl)
barrett young (perc)
farouk abdoul hakim (perc)
clifford brown (perc)


vesper said...


Anonymous said...

Hello, appresciate the beautiful music you share on your blog. This is an really awesome album but track 2 is broke (corrupt).

Any chance for a fix?

Thanks for everything :)

vesper said...

I'll try to repost track 2 , but you can also use the repair/fix function in winrar (right click, then) before decompressing the file.

Anonymous said...

Yes, i tried to repair but it didn't work.

vesper said...

hopefully, this will work

Anonymous said...

Worked like a charm, thanks alot for this! :)

Anonymous said...

hey Vesper

are you interested in this one: BYRON MORRIS & UNITY, an album called "Blow thru your mind" from 1974. It is an Universal Sound CD.

tell me if you want it and I'll upload it to Rapidshare.


Bapt said...

BOW WOW!!!! I love that shit.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the Fusion....and Happy New Year (2007)

hevisto said...

This looks great - as this blog usually offers up the goods - but has this file been removed? That's the message I get when I paste the link.

Any chance of a re-up?


vesper said...

try again, for me ir works :-))

hevisto said...

You are right. It was cutting off the last little .rar part of the title in the pop up window.

Thank you very much!

geoff said...

great blog. has this link been removed? i can't seem to access anything but the second track. thanks!

vesper said...

still there

Mikey D said...

I've wanted this for so long...THANK YOU!

Michael said...

Thank you very much!

Bill said...

WOW!! Thanks!!

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