original soundtrack to what seems quite a strange film, directed by peter ustinov. the score ain't strange at all. deal with the main title, which gets close to bad taste, and you have something very groovy, like 70s library music.

hammersmith is out (main title)
for openers (vocals by sally stevens)
cookout society
henry joe and jimmy jean
get me out of here
when were your dreams worth remembering (vocals by sally stevens)
under the bridge
topless rock
road house blues
jimmie jean's theme
snake dance
hammersmith is out (end title)


vesper said...


Cineaste said...

Hey, Vesper. Man, I love this blog! I especially like the soundtracks you offer.

I operate a site called OST Hub that features recently-updated soundtrack blogs. I'd love to list your blog. You have the option of me listing the entire soundtrack title, or just telling people you've 'Updated' your site.

It sounds confusing but it really isn't. Check it out and see what you think.

And keep up the great shares!

vesper said...

You are doing quite a very useful work! Go ahead with listing the blog - maybe the entire soundtrack title would be best. I'll add you to my link list. Thanks.

Cineaste said...

Cool. I'll give you a proper introduction on OST Hub this afternoon.

jason said...

Vesper, found you through OST HUB, great site.
I presume you have decent quality scans of the cover art from these albums, how about sharing these?
I like to print out the covers for my CD's to make "Little Lp's" for my collection.

If you could post scans that would be awesome, or maybe even a private share via e-mail ;)

vesper said...

Sorry, Pharaohs 1.0 still runs under DIY mode, so I grab pictures from the net. But it may still change in a soon future.

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