in cold blood
clutter family theme
hangin' paper
down clutter's lane
perry's theme
lonely bottles
no witnesses
I'll have to kill you
murder scene
the corner


vesper said...


Anonymous said...

thaanks, it's wonderful...
if you can, please post more legrand and other french composers' film music. best wishes.

Anonymous said...

this is the real deal, vesper - and i'm sure you know it! ;)

wonderful arrangements and superb oddball sounds! quincy at his best!

thank you for sharing this with all of us!

deconstructo said...

it's nearly criminal that this soundtrack has no info available anywhere as far as musician's credit. And with QJ's huge catalog, this one is not released. Thanks for upping it.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just discovered this blog..it is a good but not a very good bloog.
Why? Because the lake of information. No rec. label, no rec, date nothing. I mean you for shure known that is not easy to became infos from old rec or/and rarities around.
Yee this bloog is good (nothing more, nothing less). Thanks for sharing and have (you all) a very nice 2008

williscoulis said...

I disagree with some above comments. This blog is DOPE!!!
I like rapidshare and I want to hear music; period.

If you have writings about the release; fine. If not, I still want the music.

Thank you, vesper.

Mark said...

Thanks for all the wonderful stuff on the blog. I do not know all the personnel, but from having this as an lp when I was young, I remember that many of the LA session guys ( think Gerald Wilson) were on it and the featured bassist was Ray Brown

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