alternative cover of my French vinyl copy:


these two records were once reunited on a single CD - deleted now - which served here for the rip. amazing people involved, amazing music. both files include extensive liner notes from the original records as reproduced on the randy weston web site.

uhuru kwanza
african lady
kucheza blues

randy weston (p)
clark terry, Benny Bailey, Richard Williams
Freddie Hubbard (tp)
slide hampton, jimmy cleveland, quentin jackson (tb)
julius watkins (french horn)
gigi gryce (as, fl)
yusef lateef (ts, fl, oboe)
sahib shihab (as, bs)
budd johnson (ts, cl)
jerome richardson (bs)
cecil payne (bs)
les spann (g, fl)
kenny burrell (g)
george duvivier, ron carter (b)
max rouch, charlie persip (d, perc)
wilbert g. t. hoggan (d)
candido, babatunde olatunji, armando peraza (perc)
martha flowers, brock peters (vcl)
tuntemeke sanga (narrator)


vesper said...


Mr Weird said...

Thank you! Thank you!

I love this CD and lost it along the way.

bacoso said...

hey vesper-you asked about bobby hutchersons linger lane-heres a link

however its not my rip and its @192.

vesper said...

Bacoso, this is so great. nevermind about the rip, that will make my day. Back home, I see the Hutcherson run is still going strong at OIR. what can I say? a bunch of thanks, anyway...

Brant Lee said...

nice post! if you like latin music check out my new blog...www.revolucionno.wordpress.com

David said...

Thank you. You have the finest "finds" and it's so fine of you to share. This is an amazing record.

H&H said...

Wowowow, thank you Vesper ; it's amazing these albums you share !

howardtaft said...

just want to toss in my thanks as well. its hard to find good jazz share sites. you've been very helfpul in furthering my education, so to speak.
i was just lamenting at the lack of randy weston options at my local shop.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this and for so many other lovely shares.

Anonymous said...

Gracias una vez más, Vesper!!! :D

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