It's more than time to pay a proper tribute to the late andrew hill. this one may slightly still available around, so I might leave the post for a limited time. grab it while it's here. DELETED.

golden spook
mist flower
blue black
one for

andrew hill (p)
jimmy vass (ss, as, fl)
chris white (b)
leroy williams (d)


vesper said...
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Anonymous said...

Ah, I miss you Mr. Hill. Do you happen to have Hill's half of the mid-70s "Involution" set w/ Sam Rivers? I have the LP but need/want a CD backup.

Thanks, as always, for your great finds. Love the Japanese jazz!

mommy said...

thank you.
i think it is vass not wass, if you care.
this is a good album. almost subtly funky in spots. a little more direct than other hill stuff without being as mainstream as some of his later work.

kingpossum said...

Indeed still available, vesper, but thanks for introducing Mr. Hill to those who may not have encountered his wonderous music. Interested parties should run, not walk, to purchase the recently re-issued Compulsion! disc, in addition to essentials such as Smoke Stack and Point of Departure.


Boromir said...

Many thanks for this vesper. I only discovered Adrew Hill recently, then he ups and dies on me. Such is life.

Anonymous said...

Inovlution will be released next month as a Blue Note Connoiseur Series CD, under Hill's name with the title Change.

kingpossum said...

Hey boromir, the good news is the music lives forever! Enjoy and be glad you found Mr. Hill regardless of when it occurred.


Zane said...

Hey Vesper...Can you pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease re-up this album...I beg you man..thanks.

Festoonic said...

available on eMusic, along with an equally good trio session from the same catalog.

Anonymous said...

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease, re-up this album...!!! :O

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