I was just stunned when I listened to it again for ripping!

pepi's samba

cecil mcbee (b)
chico freeman (ts, ss)
joe gardner (tp)
dennis moorman (p)
steve mccall (d)
famoudou don moye (perc)


vesper said...


mommy said...

nice. thanks a lot.
these enja albums are so random and hard to find.

Sunmyth said...

I'm very excited about this one!

bruis said...

Long tracks by recognised soloists with exotic names always intrigue me. Can't resist it.

And I nominate you as my favourite blog, pharaohsdance. You have more of what I like.

H&H said...

Excellentissimo ! Thanks vesper

Anonymous said...

very very nice

Peter said...

Thanks a million! :)

Andrew said...

I just recently found this at a local record store and was surprised to see it on your blog. This is such a killer set.

downlowsoul said...

Incredible record....there is so much music that has fallen through the cracks and into obscurity. Thanks for re-surfacing this one!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot! For many years I searched for this gem (which is the perfect companion for the equally remarquable "Music From the Source") and finnaly found it!
Many, many thanks!
May the Sound be with you!


PS Will you forgive me... but I have a request:
Pharoah Sanders - Village of the Pharoahs

jeff said...

everyone keeps commenting on this one with your new Chico freeman post. so I thought I'd have a go. looks interesting.

J Analog said...

another fine set. thanks very much.

williscoulis said...

Gratitude, my brother.

lee43 said...

Unbelievable !!!!


Simon666 said...

Hi Vesper,
I’ve linked to this page within my re-post of Cecil McBee’s “Mutima” (1974). This is part of the “Orgy in Rhythm” classic series, keeping bacoso's great work out there (with permission).
All the best,

fritz the cat said...

Only just got around listening to this - brilliant stuff. Thanks

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