this guy is really the hero of this blog!

be and know
a child is born

terumasa hino (tp)
takao uematsu (ts)
mikio masuda (p)
kiyoshi sugimoto (g)
yoshio ikeda (b)
motohiko hino (d)


vesper said...

part one: http://lix.in/b1605d
part two: http://lix.in/b9483d

H&H said...

Those early seventies Terumasa Hino recordings are a treat ; thank you so much, Vesper

Anonymous said...

Excellent post! Would love to hear more early 70s Hino, especially Love Nature w/ Reggie Workman and Eric Gravatt. Masabumi Kikuchi, too!

steve.d said...

unfortunatley links to pts.1&2
keep displaying incorrect spelling,
is anyone else having this problem?

vesper said...

Love Nature on the way, stay tuned

Anonymous said...

You, sir, are awesome. I'll keep an eye out.

Anonymous said...

Oops! I have a problem opening the first part - says: error (i'm trying to open it with winrar, stuffit etc.. but i get the same message..) does anybody else has the same problem?

Sotiris said...

everything is ok..
and the album is SUPERB!!!

Greg said...

hey vesper,

have you got / do you want hip seagul: terumasa hino?


vesper said...

Greg, thanks for the comment... I actually don't have it and would love to... If you got a rip, I can feature it as a guest post, if you want. Let me know

Greg said...

No probs Vesper, Ill send you a link later. no credit needed as i got it off a mate.

Just though you'd like it seeing as he's a hero :)

Greg said...

sent you a mail vesper but just incase here it is:



Art Simon said...

A great album! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I got 3 live tracks instead of what i suposed to, and they are GREAT!!
Hope you can tell me about them??
Great blog thought

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