TONY SCOTT - IN AFRIKA (1957-1970)

great guy, passed away too soon

mayibue afrika! uhuru! (long live afrika! freedom!)
calling the gods
freedom day
rain prayer
the witch doctor
penny whistle song
the zulu walk

tony scott plays clarinet, flute, trumpet, drums and bells with the senegal tribal group, recorded in dakar in 1970 (tracks 1-7)
tony scott plays clarinet, bass, guitar, drums with the south afrika penny whistles serenaders, recorded in johannesburg in 1957 (tracks 8-9)


vesper said...


t k said...

Man, you have some great ears. I've been working my way back grabbing some great stuff. Thus far, of all these blogs providing access to this music, this one is tops. You've help inspire me to create my own blog. If you like the stuff on this site, you may dig the stuff at Lost Soul.

-t k

Anonymous said...

many many thanks for the three new
very nice records great music here as always big thanks

Anonymous said...

trumpetaaa says
fantastic record what a surprise never knew that tony scott could play trumpet too
he sounds almost like don cherry
thanks for sharing it

Seth Watter said...

Hey there, I'm new to the whole blogging scene and was hoping you'd be gracious enough to add me to your links list. I'd really appreciate the gesture, and of course the favor has already been returned.


Seth Watter

doughboy said...

Hello Pharaoh,
thanks for the opportunity to hear Tony Scott in Afrika! A triumph, looking forward to tracking down the '67 self titled lp too...

Bill Barton said...
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Bill Barton said...

What a superb album! Thank you for sharing this unique music. The trumpet playing struck me too. As already mentioned, he does sound a little like Don Cherry, and before reading the "fine print" I thought that it might even by Hugh Masekela.

williscoulis said...

Thank you much.

Blue Train said...

Muchas gracias!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! Tony Scott never ceases to amaze. Thank you for posting this - I had heard of the album but had never been able to find it.

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