for the child
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prince lasha (fl, as, bs)
hubert eaves (p)
ron carter (b)
roy mccurdy (d)
kenneth nash (perc)


vesper said...


Nunne said...

Many thanks, Vesper! Been looking for this for quite some time!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Vesper.

I have just recently been listening to Lasha, on Dolphy's Douglas recordings (posted at mr-lucky.blogspot), and I really dig his flute playing.

Enja is such a great label - they almost never let anything get out of print, this one, too. It's a bit confusing, since the two founders of Enja split in 1986 and are having 2 separate labels, both named Enja - one by Matthias Winckelmann, the other by Horst Weber.


Cheers, Lucky

Patrick said...

Hey. Excellent music, I've been a regular viewer for a few months now.

You couldn't help me out could you? I know you have a good knowledge of jazz, much better than mine, so could you try and identify this track for me? It's from a Madlib mixtape which doesn't have a track list. It's such a good song, really my type of jazz. So could you just listen to the 1 minute track and if you have any idea of what it is then say? I've uploaded it to zshare where it can stream without you having to download it.

zshare link


Peter said...

Lasha's records are always great - free without thrashing. Thanks a lot Pharaoh!

I'm afraid I can't solve Patrick's query. The groove sounded a bit Jeremy Steig, but it's hardly him from the style.

Anonymous said...


The track is "Home Rule" by Lloyd McNeil. The album it comes from, "Washington Suite", is fairly hard to come by - paid £30 for mine about 15 years ago - but you can find the track on the excellent Soul Jazz compilation "New Thing!" from a few years ago.

Here's a good page about McNeil and his discography:



vesper said...

Hey Mark, congratulations!!
I knew this without putting a name on it, now I'll go back to this New Thing record which I haven't listened to for ages. Thanks again!!

Nick said...

Thanks for this. His other Enja lp, Inside Story, is wonderful. Please post some more Lasha if you have any!

Anonymous said...

Thank you. Your site is generous and interesting...

Absolute said...

Lasha & Don Cherry the highest artists?

J Analog said...

thanks for this beautiful music.

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