I love you
song for my queen
the latin thing
little one

hadley caliman (ts)
hotep cecil barnard (p)
kenny jenkins (b)
brent rampone (d)


vesper said...


Burning Blue Soul said...

WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hjave been looking for this and the entire series, I think Frank Strazzeri's After The Rain is in it too. Thankyou dfor this. It's a killer LP and Caliman is someoone who deserves FAR MORE than he's gotten.

Anonymous said...

One of my fav LP. (in top 10).

I talked with Hotep a while back, hes living in South Africa now.

Nunne said...

Excellent post! Many thanks!

steve.d said...

a warm,heartfelt recording from caliman,much appriciated,thanks.

katonah said...

many thanks, been diggin hadley because of the hutcherson/land connection. got the 2 mainstream lp's which are sweet ..
many thanks

Anonymous said...

another person looking for this whole series too

thanks for this

Anonymous said...

anyone else having trouble with rapidshare on this one? keeps teeling me my download is invalid or expired or somethin'.

Rob G. said...

Sorry so late, but I just got around to listening to this and the other Caliman LP. Wow. Excellent stuff. Thanks!

cheeba said...

Have had the Mainstreams for years and was only ever finally able to hear Projecting and Celebration thanks to you!

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