oasis/the well
sobre una nube (on a cloud)
pretty tune
tune up
R.B. (dedicated to ronnie boykins)

hamiet bluiett (bs, cl, fl, wood flute)
don pullen (p)
fred hopkins (b)
don moye (sun percussion)


Anonymous said...

wow vesper, since when has anything you've shared not been a big one? i'd just like to take this instant to send you some springtime greetings and tell you how sincerely grateful i am for your generosity and effort in dancing the pharaoh's dance. i first stumbled on your blog almost a year ago when hannibal's elephant was at the top of the page. i was looking for a bennie maupin album - stuck within the confines of the names i knew in jazz. i am not exaggerating when i say this blog has changed my life, contributing to dimensional jumps in my mind and spirit. and helped me through some difficult times. thanks again for passing it on. alex in boston

Anonymous said...

big one, huh?

i love it when you talk dirty

vesper said...

the original "SOS" LP consisted of track 2 divided on two sides. This
japanese cd reissue was the first in 1996 to add the missing five tracks, to a full rendition of this more than two hours long set. Later the same year, India navigation reissued the same double CD under a different title, "Im/possible to keep", now out of print. Recorded at Axis, Soho, NYC, in 1977.


Anonymous said...

Wow, totally not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but do you happen to have a numbered track list available that shows what tracks are on what CD? The metadata appears to be mostly in Japanese and it's very difficult to tell what's going on overall -

vesper said...

Disc 1
1. Oasis/The Well
2. Sobre Una Nube (On a Cloud)
Disc 2
1. Pretty Tune
2. Yusuf/Sankofa
3. Tune Up
4. R.B. (Dedicated to Ronnie Boykins)

vesper said...

Anonymous (first one - who are you?), thanks for your comments, great to read such words... welcome here, always

rydolarue said...

THANK YOU! I love Bluiett & this looks to be wonderful!


giu said...

I grew up with the vynil and it was one of my favourite...i missed the cd reisue. so tahnks for this wonderful post!!

jazzme said...

Thanx Vesper great stuff watch follyfortoosewhat I am going to post the rarest Peter Kowald duo ever put on disc . Only 66 exist and were given away by sax player to specific people .

Musaklee said...

When you first announced a "big one"... you really got me thinking for a few hours "well, what could that be? Where could you go? In which direction?" You completely fooled me! Another example of the profound resources of jazz has to offer... and the magnificent generosity of such a good blog.

Many thanks again. It sure is a "good" one - a "big" one. Cheers.

db said...

great music!
check out
calisoulbrother records
for rare soul, jazz, funk, brazil & latin records!

dalemcbdnl said...

Vesper, this is impressive! ! never purchased the CD and was unaware that it had an entire disc of additional music! Thanks, this is a terrific share.

Jazzme, the Kowald thing sounds VERY exciting. I'll be watching for it on "folly for to see what?"


fritz the cat said...

This is great. thanks

E-mile said...

Hi Vesper, this oughtta be GOOD!!!
Is this the same "Tune up" song I know Andy Bey did? (1970 or so?)
Very much hope so :-)
Thanks for this in advance, haven't heard this Bluiett before.

Anonymous said...

this is a new one on me. awesome lineup and a great show. quality share. many thanks.

db said...

great music!
check out
calisoulbrother records
for rare soul, jazz, funk, brazil & latin records!

John V said...

thank you Vesper!looks great!

John V.

Romain said...

Hello Vesper,

Just a general comment to say "THANK YOU" for these geats albums you are sharing with us !

You do a tremendous work offering us such great music.

I've discovered your blog - "par hasard" - a few days ago and it was a total revelation !

Blogs like yours just make me want to find and buy more music.

All the best,


saul said...

You do keep putting them out. Cheers for this and all the other gems.


Michael Can't Sleep said...

This looks excellent. Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

Two words: DON PULLEN!!!!!!!

(thank you!)

Peter said...

Thanks from me also. Hamiet is a blast!

genezyp said...

Most grateful. Bluiett has a haunting tone - and delivery. No Mulligan nor Chaloff could ever stand the comparison. Besides - this is the perennial sideman; I guess he would easily grab the award for the best substitute if there ever was one. I don't think I ever heard a band that included him that wouldn't be elevated by his playing.
This makes me think of a paipring that I'm missing furiously: Bluiett plus Woody Shaw. What would you say? :) That would have to be a blast...
PS. And somehow the level of imagination reminds me of Sun Ra at his best. Don't know why, perhaps they're both geniuses? ;)

Anonymous said...

I love the baritone as much as the next guy but can we all admit that it sounds like he's farting?

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genezyp said...

Uh oh ah no. He's not farting. Besides, try farting through the flute, duh!

Thad said...

Wow - pretty substantial post! I'm going to be chewing on this one for a couple of weeks, but the initial listen is quite compelling. Thanks - always love a good bari post.

golden boy said...

big share. many thanks

chano said...

Vesper, thanks for this rarity, superb line-up. Saw Bluiett a few months ago in Washington DC, with a local rhythm section, he blew strong and beautiful. Best.

Art Simon said...

Very Wonderful! Thanks!

ghostrancedance said...

Absolutely remarkable! Many thanks, vesper!!!!!

I was not aware that this superb session had been reisuued with additional tracks.

Looking forward to unpacking the DL...

Εσάρ Σεβεντιουάν said...

My God this journey into your blog is out of the world! I've never heard that group (:S)but sounds great

el goog said...

Hi vesper
You know we start 'India Navigation Discography' and made a link to this post.
Keep it up and thank you in advance.


Anonymous said...

Tanx for making available this beautiful and hard to find music (in Europe at least)!

aaron aardvark said...

Thank you for Hamiet and Don....and of course Mr Hopkins and the wonderful Famadou... more and more neverending pleasure !!!!

Keegan said...

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