ahmad jamal (p)
calvin keys (g)
frank gant (d)
john heard (b)
seldon newton (cgas)


vesper said...


johnv said...

Thanks for this one Vesper. I've never seen this one from Jamal before but I can't wait to check it out.

mordecai said...

very cool

Musaklee said...

Ahhhh very cool. Nice one indeed and a nice gift from you. Thanks also for the Sanders post previously... and the Hamiet Bluiett... which I'm still digesting. It's really kind of you.


katonah said...

didn't really dig on a ahmad jamal
till i heard the awakening lp .

again the line up looks real good.
john heard played some ace gears with george duke on mps.

many many thanks as ever

Solomon said...

Ahmad Jamal is one of my favorite piano players. I've never heard of this one. Thank you! I've been going back through posts that I have missed. Really amazing stuff. Thanks again.

Gianni said...

mmm, I am gonna downloading it.
thanks vesper!

pepper67 said...

Really enjoyed this album. Thanks for sharing

chano said...

nice one vespers. don't know this period of jamal's oeuvre so thanks.

fritz the cat said...

Thanks, you always know what you are going to get with AJ.

golden boy said...

THANKS! I'm familiar with Swahililand, but that's pretty much it. Your share is much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

This is so beautiful! I can't stop listening.

Many thanx!

nanshe said...

thanks vesper... interesting looking jamal joint, i'm excited to listen

Simon666 said...

Thanks for this Vesper.
Wanted also to point you to my new blog :
Hope to see you there sometime ..

Erik said...

Mmmm...thanks. I'm listening to the first track right. Sounds cool. The guitar sounds almost as if it's lined though. A bit strange.

Sergio said...

Thanks for this beautiful Jamal album!

jazzlover said...

For Jazz Collectors.
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Robert said...

How amazing to come across a Jamal LP I'd never heard of from his post-Impulse! career, the least documented point in his discography. I don't know of *any* Jamal recordings between this one and Live at Bubba's (1981). Anyone else have any info?

Also very cool to see him playing with a guitarist, a very rare departure from the straight trio format.

If you've never seen him live, it's worth your money--he's stil astonishingly good!

Art Simon said...

GReat! Thanks!

db said...

great music!
check out
calisoulbrother records
for rare soul, jazz, funk, brazil & latin records!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot, your blog is one of the most I like! Many Thanks for your posts and links, superb!! Best Regards!!

Clio said...

Thanks for this share. I dig Jamal, but I'm especially enjoying his interplay with Calvin Keys on this set. Thanks again...

Anonymous said...


A huge thanx for sharing your excellent collection, it is music that truly deserves to be heard and you've made so many people happy.

Like some others, I'm having tonsn of troulbe with lix and wonder if you have rapidshares for this Ahmad Jamal and Pharoah Sanders "Love in Us All", like you did for "Village of the Pharoahs" ?

Thanx again,

vesper said...

Direct links:

Simon666 said...

Hi Vesper,
I’ve linked to your page in my post of Ahmad Jamal – “Steppin Out With a Dream”.
Same lineup!
All the Best,

Solomon said...

Thank you.

groovyvinyl said...

Great gift Vesper.I have never seen
this before and what a lineup.

troods said...

Thank you so much for the return of this live album. Great work (on your part and Jamal's!)

troods said...

Thank you so much for the return of this live album. Great work (on your part and Jamal's!)

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