black daffodils
hard luck
add some
alone alone and alone

mikio masuda (p)
tsutomu okada (b)
motohiko hino (d)
terumasa hino (flg - tk 2)
takao uematsu (ts - tk 4)
hideo miyata (fl - tk 5)


vesper said...


Joe said...

very cool thanks

bacoso said...

great stuff-been after this for some time.Many thanks for a top post.

manny said...

thanks for posting, cant wait to give it a listen

fritz the cat said...

Mmm, 70s Japanese jazz from Vesper... it can only be yummy. Thanks.

katonah said...

she's a honey.
taken her round the block a couple of times, kicked the tyres ...

another 100% bomb. many thanks

travis.bunn said...

thank you for this one. i heard about it a while back but i never got my hands on it.

Simon666 said...

Beautiful music. Love the subtle interplay between Terumasa Hino and Masuda on 'black daffodils' . love Masuda's languid arpeggio style in general, so fluid.

Art Simon said...

Great, great, stuff! Thanks!

pepper67 said...

Wow!! I thought it was an absolute killer album. this was on par with the Takehiro Honda "salaam salaam" you posted a while back [btw Honda's album has become one of my fave's]


Jazz-Nekko said...


Another choice J-jazz set that I highly recommend. This was re-released last year in stealth, ultra-quick limited issue in K2 24bit audiophiliac-bodacious quality, simply tremendous phonics either in the original vinyl or the reissue.

However, for my tastes the highlights should have covered Okada-san's bass fiddle walking, Uematsu-san's tenor solo and - of course - the talented but not-often heard Miyata-san on flute! Hino puts in a so-so performance as Masuda-san manages to drew the level of mucis to a higher point. . .

Nicely done,


alex said...

what a bomb of an album!
appreciated man!

TheGreatDancerAH said...

I love this- i gotta make up more dance to great stuff like thus

db said...

great music!
check out
calisoulbrother records
for rare soul, jazz, funk, brazil & latin records!

Egan Ehlers said...


FreeCT said...

any chance of using other uploads like xirror or shareonall ..?

analogged said...

Vesper top up as per usual, cheers for this mate


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