swing & swing
open space
triple trip

albert mangelsdorff (tb)
heinz sauer (ts)
günther lenz (b)
ralf hübner (d)


vesper said...


Thanks to Brent for this share

Rec. Date: February 15th, 1971
Location: DUG, Tokyo

It seems it was originally produced for Three Blind Mice Records, and issued or reissued by Enja

el goog said...

Oh! Brent, thanks for this sharing, and vesper too.
Yes, this is TBM-5 :)

and I am sorry that my update stagnates.

el goog

Jazz-Nekko said...


This is indeed a fine share from you. In many ways, I have to offer my personal thanks. . .I also recall this from C9 days being briefly shared, no?

To back-step a bit, when our father passed away, our mother wished to avoid a fight over his jazz collection. So, she kind of just split the thing without knowing too gret details of who's who. My brother ended up getting much of the newer albums (post-'60s; I got the '40s-60s).

The DUG club has operated since the late '60s and is still going strong. The origianl name was "Dig" an took the name "Dug" in the late '60s. The owner and I are relatively good acquaintances as I have been going there for almost 35 years now. I attended this Mangelsdorff show just because the owner's insisted I would be seeing one of the jazz legends. I was not into 'free'/improvisational jazz, and even now find it tough at times to appreciate (but I am trying - Hideo!!).

Anyhow to cut this long story short - On the passing of my recent birthday, I got a package from my older brother. The package was my father's copy of this album. I bought this as a joke for his birthday in 1972, knowing that any self-respecting (stubborn) jazz swing man would not like it.

Guess what? My brother sent his apologies in the birthday card because when he found it in the collection, and wanted to know what it was, he unsealed the album! My father never even played it! So, I am the lucky owner of a literally 'once-played' copy of this freaking' jazz power storm. . .

Cheers and more cheers,


(by the way my brother basically said it was noise and he hated it - little did he know the value of it -hehehe)

1009 said...

Thanks for that reminiscence, JN. I really didn't know anything about this album when I picked it up (in a used cd bin). I had heard AM's *Never Let It End*, & I own those live records he did w/ Brotzmann, though, so I knew that this would be interesting. Sure enough, it is.

Also: corrections. The first track is called "Spring & Swing," and the third track, in between "Open Space" and "Mahusale," is called "Boston Highway." (So there are five tracks here on the cd reissue.)

Peter said...

Thank you!!!

ghostrancedance said...
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Cosmo Vitelli said...

Thank you very much. I recently discovered Mangelsdorff via Now Jazz Ramwong and the many recent MPS reissues. Love his music and those great, "obscure" german musicians

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