logical mystery
in the darkness
'round about midnight

terumasa hino (tp)
hideo miyata (ts)
sadao watanabe (ts)
fumio itabashi (el- p)
tsutomu Okada (b)
motohiko hino (d)
shigeharu mukai (tb)
kiyoshi sugimoto (g)
akira okazawa (el- b)
masahiko togashi (perc)


vesper said...


Wallofsound said...

I thought I'd got the best of the Hino records, and then a couple of great ones come my way in a day. Thanks for sharing this, and for the great blog in general.

vesper said...

That was recorded on April 14. El Goog Ja has a recoding from April 8, go and check it out.

bamabob said...

Thanks for the Hino post---am new to J-Jazz, but this set looks really good to me. (as with your previous J=Jazz posts too!) Thanks.

katonah said...

many many thanks vesper

pepper67 said...

Between you and Jazz-Nekko I have received a great education in Japanese jazz. I really love 70's Japanese jazz.


Art Simon said...

This is a nice set! Thanks!

Thad said...

Killer set - quite a contrast between the fiery group at the start and the reflective solo performance at the end. Thank you very much for sharing this.

el goog said...

Hi vesper
Well, well, well, thank you for a wonderful treasure again. Your collection related to Hino-san is only a wonderful thing!!
Yes, I add this to my post, Sir :)

Thanks, again & again.

johnv said...

Great stuff as always Vesper!

heiku said...

Man, this one is smokin', especially the first half. A much appreciated share!


manny said...

thanks for posting

Solomon said...

Thank you.

Baby Breeze said...

I pray for the day, or block of days, I have a clear schedule and equally clear mind to really absorb this fine music. Maybe it's common knowledge, but it seems to me that Japanese jazz took up the slack as the US-based jazz scene was swamped by fusion and rock. Some of the best stuff I've ever heard comes from J-jazz of this era. Can't get enough.

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