FRANK MORGAN - ON GNP (with conte candoli and machito's rhythm section) (1955)

bernie's tune
i'll remember april
my old flame
neil's blues
the champ
the nearness of you
milt's tune
get happy
crescendo blues
autumn leaves
well you needn't

tracks 1 - 4
frank morgan (as)
conte candoli (tp)
wild bill avis (org)
robert rodriguez (b)
rafael miranda (d, cgas)
jose mangual (bongos)
ubaldo nieto (timbales)

tracks 5 - 10
frank morgan (as)
conte candoli (tp)
wardell gray (ts)
howard roberts (g)
carl perkins (p)
leroy vinnegar (b)
lawrence marable (d)

tracks 11 - 15
frank morgan (as)
jack sheldon (tp)
james clay (ts, fl)
bobby timmons (p)
jimmy bond (b)
lawrence marable (d)

track 15 unedited version issued for the first time


vesper said...


Japanese CD rip, presented as the Complete Edition on GNP

Noidal said...

Thanks so much for this!
I was able to play with Frank the last several years of his life. He sounded beautiful! It's great to get the chance hear him back in the day.
R.I.P. Frank.

ADB said...

Awesome - thanks for this

el goog said...

Hey vesper.
Welcome back, glad to see you again here.
Thanks for sharing this, looking forward to hearing.


jumpinjeep said...

Thanks for this one.

kingpossum said...

Monster. Thank you and belated Happy New Year, Vesper.


Moes Lake said...

Exactly what I needed! Thanks for making my night!

Julian said...

thx for sharing. psyched to check this out.

Egan Ehlers said...

Thank you sir.

Anonymous said...

very nice indeed

johnv said...

This looks very sensational, thanks Vesper.

louisville michael said...

got around to listening to this. i like it a lot. thanks for sharing it.

aroonie said...

You have just made my day! Thanks a bunch

Impotent Wisdom said...

Fabulous listen! Thanks for the opportunity!

Anonymous said...

thank you. great share.


Jazzrealities said...

Sorry, but on my screen only parts of your links are visible. f.i. one ended like ...morgan
I am not able to broaden the frame.

vesper said...



thoth said...

man...frank morgan was around for a long time. interesting career. thank you so much for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the sharing...
good stuff dude.....

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taro nombei said...

many thanks Vesper
always much appreciated!

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