different thing. jef gilson is some sort of cult french jazz player - piano man, leader of orchestras, he also ran his own labels, and launched many players of the jazz scene. he's related to the avant-garde scene, back in the 60s and the 70s. the liner notes of the record (it's a 12' !!) mention he worked with nathan davis, sahib shihab or art taylor. so here is four tet, aka kieran hebden (the man behind this year's resurrection of steve reid) doing, or re-doing, a piece from gilson. still from the notes: it is based on the 'fables of gutemberg' track, from 1961, to which four tet incorporated other extracts from gilson's recording of the past decades to create new material - very four tet-like. side B features a piece with the voice of anne wirz: she's a french singer who worked with gilson in the 90s on a (unreleased?) record, and it seems it is a (smooth) rework of one of the songs. (she actually has her myspace page, with a pretty nice cover of maiden voyage). the whole thing is released by the isma'a label , based in france, which has been reviving the philly scene this year with brand new recordings from byard lancaster, khan jamal or the late rufus harley.
find another massive record by jef gilson, performed with musicians from madagascar (still from isma'a) here, at the mighty swami!

fables of gutemberg remix
down by the river (mato remix)


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