I've been reluctant to post music from such interplanetary-known artists, since records are fully available. but this one may not, another japanese-only release, and the cd is gone for a while now. ripped from the original vinyl.

watch it
speak like a child
watcha waitin for it

herbie hancock (p)
ron carter (b)
tony williams (d)


vesper said...


thebeathunters said...
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thebeathunters said...

hi thanks for this japanese treat and adding my blog to yer list
a favor:
please can you hit me about using linx (for my own posts)? thanks

vesper said...

go there: http://lix.in/

chaamba said...

Thank you very much, Vesper ; I have never heard (or heard of) this album.

Pekis said...

Did you know that this album was recorded the same day & location as the album "Third plane" ? Yes !

vesper said...

Well, no, I did not realize. The funny thing is that they made a proper, fully-distributed record with only one part of the session. They did not like this one?!

faslimy said...

thanks vesper

Anonymous said...

a request for
pete la roca "turkish women at the bath" CD version!!!

Don Thieme said...

Berkshire, beautiful Berkshire, where we can run and play.

I just added you to my music blogroll.

jeff said...

amazing, amazing record. thank you, to a great degree. I've been hunting for this and the 1981 herbie trio for years (basically, anything with these 3, and specifically Tony Williams, is a must listen for me). And, once I put it on, I was stunned how good it is. Watch It is the perfect combo of swing, groove, tony's driving beat, 70's funk-feel. everything. you are the man. thank for for posting this.

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell the name of the label?

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