berkshire blues
portrait of vivian
willie's tune
niger mambo
african cookbook
congolese children
blues for five reasons

randy weston (p)
booker ervin (ts)
ray copeland (tp, flg)
lenny mcbrowne (d)
big black (congas)
sir harold murray (perc)


vesper said...


Anonymous said...

thanks very very much for all the beautiful music you share

Anonymous said...

Also thanks. haven't listened yet but must be good

Anonymous said...

Thank you.

Ms. Betty said...

Thank you for the up! :)

Anonymous said...

Ok!!! you want the war.

well hereis my first bullet:


Sunmyth said...

Do you have Ted Curson and Co from the India Navigation label? I would love to see this posted. There are also other India Navigation records that I have been looking for. By the way, great blog!!

GIBSON L5 ( RAZ ) said...

thanks alot !!!!!
never heard of this cd :-)
curious !!!

DannyBlue said...

Fantastic site with albums I've been looking for forever, and others by artists I love that I'd never heard of. Thanks so much.
Because it's only possible to download one thing every 90 minutes or so on Rapidshare, has anyone considered using Zshare? You can download as many things concurrently as you want, and it allows you to share up to 100 meg. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Rapidshare??? oh, no...

Anonymous said...

"Rapidshare??? oh, no..."

You fucking moron, first time you have encountered a blog that uses a reliable source?

Get a damn account once, upload some things, post some things, and keep it forever free....

DannyBlue said...

"fucking moron"?

I'll sign up for a rapidshare account if after uploading I can keep it forever free, but there might have been a more civil way of explaining it.

It never ceases to astonish me how obnoxious people are when they're hiding behind 'anonymous'.

vesper said...

Douglas happens to be great contributor to the site, here is Andy Bey's Experience And Judgment. Thanks mate.

Peter said...

SINGING a merry chant
Lah, lu-la-lu, la-lay

Thanks a lot, Pharaoh!

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