sillie willie
little titan
full moon
brujera con salsa

roy haynes (d)
george adams (ts)
lawrence killian (congas)
don pate (b)
marvin peterson (tp)
carl schroeder (p)
roland prince (g)


vesper said...


Jonne Bentlöv said...

Awesome! Marvin Peterson = personal favourite!

Anonymous said...

thanks for a nice record (again)
hannibal is a big favourit here too
niceness niceness

Stradevarius said...

Great Mainstream, Vesper! Thanks for this beauty ...

bacoso said...

Nice shot vesper - keep pullin' out the crackers i dont have.Cheers!

Rob G. said...

I swear...you sure you didn't raid my record box when I wasn't looking? LOL

Great taste we have. Another killer.

US said...


The guy looks pretty good, thanks for the beauty …..:)

jeff said...

I'm posting this quite a bit after you put this up, but I have only recently found it. I love Roy (just say him completely kick butt, at 82 years old, with kenny garrett and nic payton last week), and I haven't heard of this disc. but it is a great one. george adams knocks off a great solo on the first tune. and roy really drives the music throughout. nice 70's funk and soul flavor added to the jazz - which is often a terrible thing - but it works great here. thank you. you just keep giving more and more great music.

Anonymous said...

I am having trouble downloading. Clincing on the "rapidshare" button does not take me there, while the "fast and free download" button goes to a "usenext" page that does not seem to have a link to the file (at least not an obvious one). Please help - I would like to get this as george adams' stuff is hard to come by. Thanks.

vesper said...

I just tried the system: it does not get you anywhere because you have not typed the series of letters in the appropriate letters below (and it is case-sensitive). Anyway, the new RS architecture is really confusion, I must admit. Here is the direct RS link: http://rapidshare.com/files/24794895/RHS.rar

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