what about some more tribe?


ode to Africa
out of the blues
in the moog
corner stone
freedom jazz dance
dolphin dance
ode to africa (single version)
jelly loa

harold mckinney (p, vcls)
gwen mckinney (vcls)
charles miles (congas)
wendell harrison (reeds)
ed pickins (b)
billy turner (perc)
marcus belgrave (tp)
ron jackson (d)
darryl dybka (moog)
carol taylor (vcls, fl)
clarence mckinney, ed gooch, sylvia turner, eileen cohill, faye
blakely, jenine jones (voices)


vesper said...

again, two files:

BJ said...

Yeah, mor Tribe !

Anonymous said...

the cd version with bonus tracks!
ive been looking for this one for a minute. thanks.

Burning Blue Soul said...

Really: thanks a MILLION for this one. I'm a Detroiter, and remember the Tribe labe from when I was a kid, picking some of the titles up --as well as the magazine--at White's Records in the city.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing, I have been on the search for this for a long time. Now my problem is downloading...it's not rapidshare, but a site all in german...any help navigating would be greatly appreciated. thanks again.

Anonymous said...

forget that last post, i got it going... sounds great, thanks

John Siddique said...

cool, cool, cool, always looking for tribe stuff, thank you so much


Anonymous said...

"what about some more tribe?"

how about all the tribe you got!!!

cannot get enough of this label! i have some tribe on my hd if you need any, let me know slow_9000(at)hotmail.com

the joints i got are by doug hammond, marcus belgrave, phil ranelin and wendell harrison. plus that message from the tribe compilation.

froz1 said...

simply amazing!

i second the request for more Tribe LPs

avocado kid said...

Thanks for the good stuff!

Any chance you have Dudu Pukwana - "in the townships"


Anonymous said...

Much thanks for this!

Captain Beyond said...

Oop, I didn't say thank you. So, THANK YOU! Any Tribe is goooood Tribe....

Cpt. Beyond

Anonymous said...

many thanks for a very very nice record

Anonymous said...

THANKS! Great record, love music like this. So fresh-sounding and creative.

Anonymous said...

brand new TRIBE album coming in 2008 with original members - DOUG HAMMOND, MARCUS BELGRAVE, WENDELL HARRISON, PHIL RANELIN and Carl Craig behind the decks

check out

thebeathunters said...

vesper, you're a modern hero!
on a different tip, but plenty funky and spiritual, please hear my latest post at a bigger splash

J Analog said...

Thanks very much for sharing this mind expanding music collection of yours.

mrivs said...

I only have Freedom Dance from this album and would like to listen to the rest. Can't seem to DL from Rapidshare - PW required (if so, is this forum by invitation?) Thanks

vesper said...

Mrvis, no password here
Try this

mrivs said...

Vesper - thank you kindly for links

rowan said...

Fantastic stuff! Many thanks...

Art Simon said...

Wild! Thanks!

sexy said...




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