continuing the tribe series courtesy of a contributor, tom, with the two ranelin records available in stores. you know the deal, I would have let them here only for a limited time. the fact is that they were uploaded with yousendit, free account, meaning the links will expire in 7 days and will be available for 100 number of downloads. after that, out my hands!

the time is now for a change
time is running out
of times gone by
black destiny
13th and senate
he the one we all knew pt 1
time is running out (extended)
he the one we all knew (extended)

collective personnel including
phil ranelin (tb, perc)
haroun el nil (as, bass cl, perc)
wendell harrison (ts, perc)
marcus belgrave (tp, flgh)
charles moore (tp, perc)
keith vreeland (p)
john dana, reggie shoo be doo fields (b)
george davidson (d, perc)


vesper said...


Anonymous said...

trumpetaaa says
wonderful music
many many thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...


John Siddique said...

thank you so much for the tribe stuff, am in heaven..

Anonymous said...

Mighty fine. Thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

beautiful, unfortunately the link seems already expired.. (The download limit has been reached for this file). please could you repost it? thanks in advance!


AiS said...

link is definitely dead ... pleasepleaseplease repost!

Anonymous said...

the link is dead, save us..... help!

Anonymous said...

damned, i'm too late.

please re-up !!!

Anonymous said...

I found this one 'Message From The Tribe - An Anthology of Tribe Records' here http://myfavouritesound.blogspot.com/2007_07_01_archive.html

Have Fun ..

Please repost phil ranelin

Anonymous said...

Another Tribe Record


Marcus Belgrave’s “Gemini”


soulbrotha said...

Please re-up with rapidshare. PLEASE!

motorcitizen said...

i don't think that someone checks this blog comments between the updates

Huey said...

Get the Ranelin-Albums here:

Phil Ranelin - The Time Is Now!:

Phil Ranelin - Vibes From The Tribe:

Phil Ranelin & Wendell Harrison - A Message From The Tribe:



motorcitizen said...

cool thanks huey. struggle continues.

Anonymous said...

thanks to huey

soulbrotha said...

Big thanks to Huey!!!

Anonymous said...

brand new TRIBE album coming in 2008 with original members - DOUG HAMMOND, MARCUS BELGRAVE, WENDELL HARRISON, PHIL RANELIN and Carl Craig behind the decks

check out

Anonymous said...

thanks for this

Burning Blue Soul said...

Of course we are indebted to you Vesper. I only hpe you haven't drifted off without formally saying goodbye.

makuma said...

Yes I'm starting to miss you!

a mind with no ceiling said...

Wow, I'm a newcomer on this blog and enjoying all these tribe LPs..so once again thanx to Huey for the divshare links-it would have been so frustrating otherwise!
And of course thank you so much to our host for the great, great music (this young-holt unlimited LP I wanted for so long,it's a real bomb!!)
We all realize how enriching and special these sounds are. Thank you.

gregoriograzi said...

you have very many good albums that bring back memories or make me ask "how did I miss that?". Such is the xcase with the Ranelin's. Thank you both very much as I am enjoying these very much.

DoctorPepperOz said...

I'll just leave a big THANK YOU here for all the Tribe releases and say I'm absolutely delighted to get them at last. All the best from Downunder. Doctor PepperOz

Ellis said...

Link is caput again :( I love this blog though! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Would You Re-post That? I'm Very Interesting!

Anonymous said...

And Also I Thank's For "All That Jazz" From Little Town In Hungary

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