vibes from the tribe
sounds from the village
for the children
he the one we all knew
vibes from the tribe (extended)
vibes from the tribe (8-trk version)
sounds from the village (extended)

phil ranelin (tb)
marcus belgrave (tp)
wendell harrison (ts)
lopez leon (el-b)
ron english (el-b)
kenny cox (el-p)
buddy budson (el-p)
harold mckinney (p)
george davidson (d)
barbara huby (perc)
bud spangler (perc)
ralph armstrong (el-g)
+ members of the griot galaxy


vesper said...


Anonymous said...

thanks a million for all of these Tribe records. They are all very good. now i dont know if you handle requests, but do you happen have ANY records from the Black Jazz label. The only ones i was able to pick up were Doug Carn's Adam's Apple and the Best of compilation and both are on fire from so much play. Any help would be greatly appreciated. sincerely, shitpants.

Kosta said...

PHIL RANELIN links are both expired..??..

Carl said...

Es una pena! pero creo q' es un error nada mas:
The download limit has been reached for this file
y lo volverías a subir "please" por q' es un maravilloso disco q' estabamos esperando!!
desde México!

AiS said...

link is dead, please repost!

Frank Wells said...

Here's a nice Japanese compilation of Black Jazz stuff, from the great "My Favorite Sounds" blog:


Would love to see Pharoahs Dance tap into the Mainstream Records well if possible ...

Anonymous said...

been using this site for a while and wanted to say thanks, especially since the copy of vibes i was watching on ebay ended up selling for over £250! This seems the only way i can afford them

soulbrotha said...

Aww, the link is expired. Any chance for a re-up?

makuma said...

Thanks Frank it is indeed a good compilation of Black Jazz!

Anonymous said...

brand new TRIBE album coming in 2008 with original members - DOUG HAMMOND, MARCUS BELGRAVE, WENDELL HARRISON, PHIL RANELIN and Carl Craig behind the decks

check out

Morty said...

just discovered your great blog. any chance for a re-up on the link?

vesper said...

Morty, I suggest you check the comments of The Time is Now, and you might find something...

Anonymous said...

That Was I Say: Please Re-Post Thanks! Ps. Your Blog Is A Manificient! Thank You Again! From Hungary

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