Catalyst again


mz. liz
groove blues
ballad of the matador
samba de rollins
magnolia rose
april's fool

don menza (ts, ss, fl)
frank rosolino (tb)
allan broadbent (p, string synth)
tom azarello (b)
nick ceroli (d)
paulinho (perc)
claudio slon (perc)
mayo tiana (tb - samba de rollins only)
frank strazzeri (p - ballad of the matador only)


vesper said...


Burning Blue Soul said...

I just bought this from Dusty Groove, and while I always lied Menza's playing just fine, this is HEAD AND SHOULDERS beyond anything I'd heard him play on. the compositions, arrangements d above all the soling are truly inspired. Thanks for posting it Vesper; gladsome folks will get a chance to heard this one. Any chance you have Frank Strazzeri's classic After The Rain that was in the series with this and the two Hadley Calliman discs?

Anonymous said...

nice one thankyou very much

vesper said...

BBS, I guess that really is the end of Catalyst here :( until I buy another one... Frank Strazzeri's actually was posted a while ago at My Favourite Sound, maybe it's time to place a request there, or maybe I can re-up their rip...

Burning Blue Soul said...

Vesper, Thanks for the tip; I actually feel really guilty even requesting since you've posted such killer titles anyway. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I have a few other pieces of Catalyst... a Masabumi Kikuchi LP called Matrix comes to mind..

vesper said...

Kikuchi on Catalyst... I'm quite jealous... :)

E-mile said...

well, well welll, Vesper,
1976...not a bad year after all...
Damn, you presented a few in row!
thanks for this one too.
I know a friend of mine will be very excited when he hears this!
(but I liked it too :-)

kind regards, E-mile

odetta said...

very nice.

thebeathunters said...

you guys are insane... it's been a wonderful series
vesper rules

Sgt. Getraer said...

I remember Don's arrangement of "Samba de Rollins" in my college jazz band. It's nice to hear Don himself play it, as I've never heard the original version (I'm assuming this is it!). Thanks for the memories.

williscoulis said...

Much appreciated.

Simon666 said...

Hi Vesper,
I’ve pointed to this page within my post of Frank Strazzeri – “View From Within” (1973) which also features Menza and Rosolino, come check it out.
All the best,
Simon from Never Enough Rhodes

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