Tired of 1976?


rio rome
miky shade
new moon

mabumi yamaguchi (ts)
yasuaki shimizu (ts, ss)
kazumi watanabe (g)
nobuyoshi ino (b)
motohiko hino (ds)


vesper said...

two files

I understand some of you had some problems extracting the file of my previous post, due to Japanese letters. Well, it worked fine with me, and I guess for some others. Anyway, I'll try to upload it again in the week-end with "occidental" tags. A bit of patience... Plus, let me drop many thanks to those who left comments in the last few days, following that combined 1976/Japan kind of theme. I'm thinking of E-mile, Reza, Burning Blue Soul, the Beathunters... Thanks to you, guys, and to all the others. Stay tuned!

Burning Blue Soul said...

Vesper, You have outdone yourself with these posts lately--and I've loved your blog from the jump! Wow! between you, Bacoso (with an AMAZING contribution from Jazz Devil Nekko today, and Reza, our digital music collections are looking mighty wide and mighty deep. Thank you so much kind sir. What is on your list of items you've been seeking?

Burning Blue Soul said...

One more thing Vesper. If you'd like a copy of that Masabumi Kikuchi LP Matrix on the US version of Catalyst, and don't want to pay an arm and a leg for a copy ,drop me a line at burningbluesoul@gmail.com. I don't want anyone to beat you to the punch if you really want one which is why I'm not leaving the web address here.

Jazz-Nekko said...


many thanks for the ongoing J-fusion trend. It is long under-rated or over-rated by prog-rock fanatics.

Just friendly heads up for you that over at OIR, our furry friend requested a jewel that I am guessing you will appreciate.

In return for all that you have shared with my silent 'lurking', please go take a look -


Anonymous said...

incredible stuff thank you

bamabob said...

WOW---I have heard of this disc for years but never saw nor heard it...it was always like a phantom recording, now I got it in my greedy hands!!! Thanks!

Cuki said...

Me too, this one has escaped me. Didn't know anything of it.
Wonderful education for me and others, Vesper.
Keep up the good work.

thebeathunters said...

gogo yubari kicks ass...

E-mile said...

hi Vesper,
how CAN we get tired of 1976, if you keep on presenting these great
Again, thanks, and I'll be looking forward to what comes up next :-)
You are really on a roll here!

regards, E-mile

Anonymous said...

Nice find! I really like the phaser on the acoustic bass later in the set - very Eberhard Weber-like.


primitive said...

As always vesper you just keep coming with the goods!!

You a diamond!

peace and happy christmas!

Ferdinand said...

How could anybody tire of this great era? Stunning music, and many thanks!!

cheefnerd said...

keep up this good work here!
it's highly appreciated.

fairest said...

wow these guys can play.

Risbo said...

Mind blowing.

Anonymous said...

what you are doing with this blog is a great service to the community.
music shouldn't be so unobtainable as truly great music makes someone feel a certain way or some shape of self healing. i have found all the music on your blog to be more than agree-able. thank you.

johnv said...

Wonderful stuff--thanks for making such rare (well, at least for me) and great music available.

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