journey to air 1 - gongen
journey to air 2 - peace and love

terumasa hino (flh, tp)
steve grossman (ts, as, fl)
motohiko hino (d, hp)
pete yellin (as, fl)
gary pribec (as)
dave liebman (ts, as)
olu dara (tp)
mike garson (p, el-p)
bobby moses (d)
lanny fields (b, gb)
dave holland (b, fb)
teruo nakamura (b, gb)


vesper said...

two files

Anonymous said...

now thats what i call a lineup

E-mile said...

Hi Vesper, great one!
both tracks are EXCELLENT!
thanks again (you're on a 1970 trip by accident?)
regards, E-mile
PS my dog's called Rex, yours?

Burning Blue Soul said...

Thank you for posting this MONSTER of a record Vesper. Hino with Grossman and company . . whoa, as killer and wildly dynamic as something from the AACM in this period. Is there anything this guy COULDN'T do?

CresceNet said...

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TLT said...

Very interesting... haven't heard much of Hino in free contexts like this. What a cast!

Boromir said...

Thanks for this great post vesper.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot & a happy 2008

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your hard work vesper! This music clenses my soul man!

Keep doing it!


dka said...

Excellent Hino album.
Really enjoyed this particularly the second side.

Absolute said...

Yet another TOP post VESPER. If this blog ever goes private, please don't leave me out in the cold!!!

Trendelas4 said...

Vesper : Todos los link que son lix.in me direccionan a usenext desde donde no consigo descargar nada, me interesa mucho que me ayudaras y me contaras que puedo hacer, tengo necesidad de descargar musica de Terumasa Hino, un saludo y muchas gracias

johnv said...

Another great slice of rare jazz--thanks Vesper. How in the #$^*@ do you do it??

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