The first release from Three Blind Mice


morning tide
dream eyes
work 1

kosuke mine (as, ss)
takashi imai (tb)
hideo ichikawa (fender p)
takashi mizuhashi (b)
hiroshi murakami (ds)


vesper said...

and here

Burning Blue Soul said...

Whoa. Beyond hip Vesper. This is a hell of s way to end the year. Many thanks. I've heard ABOUT this one, but have never actually heard it. BTW, did you get the links for the record I posted for you?

vesper said...

Glad you like it, I was secretly hoping to surprise you with this one :)
And yes, I got the link, playing right now, it's superb... All the best.

katonah said...

it's when, like , when bbs says he's heard of, but never actually heard. that's when things get interesting. so many thanks for this and all the other good stuff you have posted this year and earlier. best regards, ash

Mattis said...

Great job!! Happy New year!

Jo/No said...

Hi Vesper, happy new year! Thanks for lot's of highly enjoyable posts!

Partly out of inspiration from your blog I've just got around to set up my own. First post is a compilation of tunes I picked up during my travel in Peru last summer! Not only peruvian stuff though, but groovy latin tunes from the 50's and onwards.

Check http://jonosaudio.blogspot.com/ out if you are interested and I would be honoured!

Have yourself a great 2008!

Absolute said...


Dean Swift said...

very interesting from an anthropological / completist POV.

Thanks again for hunting it down...

Εσάρ Σεβεντιουάν said...

Thanks a bunch!

Ian Russell said...

Thank you for this and all your other posts. I have developed a serious addiction to 70's j-jazz and the gems you post. Thanks for the education. Thanks for making my world sparkle!

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