trying to get ready
soran-bushi, b. h.

billy harper (ts)
everett hollins (tp)
harold mabern (p)
greg maker (b)
horacee arnold (ds)
billy hart (ds)


vesper said...


Anonymous said...

just would like to thank you for this rare one.i love billy harper and everett hollins is very hard to find on recordings,i ve only seen him with harper and shepp,and this guy is pretty hot!waynes

Anonymous said...

Been looking for this one for YEARS

Anonymous said...

Anyone here have these Denon Japan releases ?

BIlly Harper - Knowledge of Self

Max Roach Quartet Live In Tokyo, Vol. 2 (1977)
Max Roach Quartet Live In Tokyo, Vol. 2 (1977)
featuring Roach, Drums; Cecil Bridgewater, Trumpet; Billy Harper, Tenor Saxophone; Reggie Workman, Bass.

Tommy Flanagan - Alone Too Long (1978)

Archie Shepp/Dollar Brand duet (1978)
Solo piano

and Baystate releases

Billy Harper "Believer"

M'Boom (max roach)

and the M'Boom "Nommo" LP

ish said...

Thanks for this one. Always wanted to hear it.

(PS I'm linking you to my new blog. stop on by!)

Burning Blue Soul said...

Many thanks Vesper; I have this on wax, but you saved me the trouble of ripping it for my IPod; this is a hell of a date.

steve.d said...

the return of the king,thank you very much for spreading his word.

Dr. Puck said...

I think this is Billy's best record of the 20+ I've heard.

Git it.

il angelo said...

Pasionate music this! A hell of a good record. Thanks

Boromir said...

Many thanks vesper.

Anon, I have the Shepp/Brand duet. It's not OOP - readily available through Amazon. By the way, it's not really ethical to come with a wish list signing yourself anonymous.

Kevin said...

Hi Vesper.

Always an education whenever I visit your blog. Thanks for sharing such rare gems. I am downloading this one as I write this.

I was curious if you are into Ornette Coleman or Cecil Taylor? They are both coming to Portland, OR for our annual Jazz Fest this year. Would love it if you could post something rare and OOP from either one of them.

By the way, I have a blog called Eclectic Grooves, where I have featured soem rare Jazz shows including a rare Evan Parker show in Portland, OR.

Please stop by when you get a chance.

Cheers, Kevin


vesper said...

Kevin, here it is!!

Anonymous said...


Firstly, shame on you for being anonymous.

Secondly, I submitted vinyl rips of both Denon vinyl LP's of the Max Roach 4tet "Live in Japan" 21.1.1977 (with Harper, Bridgewater and Workman) to Dipmong of the Inconstant Sol blog some time ago, but they have not yet been posted there.

So why don't you abandon your anonymity, and send him a nice polite request to post them for you.

A little civility goes a long way.

jeff said...

vesper, thank you. this looks like a fantastic one. love Billy Harper, but his discs are hard to come by. Had a couple of chances recently to see him live and he's still playing great (especially an astounding show with Randy Weston). Thanks so much for the music here. there is always something wonderful to discover on your site.

les said...

I don't have much by Billy Harper, but I love everything I've heard. I've only seen him once and he's fantastic live. Thanks for posting this. I look forward to listening to it today.

Morty said...

Thanks for this. I've only heard limited Billy Harper since first hearing him play his composition Thoroughbred on a Gil Evans album. Looking forward to listening to this.

Morty said...

By the way, my blog is not solely music focused like Pharoah's dance, but we do put up music links semi-regularly. Please cehck it out some time.

jeff said...

I posted a comment a few days ago thanking you for putting this album up. Now that I've listened to it, I've got to thank you again. what an astounding record.

BabyBreeze said...

I have had this for years since hearing Billy play it live at Sweet Basil in NYC and I must agree that this is one Harper's best. The title track always gets me going.

Can anyone offer the kanji for "Soran Bushi?" I'd like to know what it means.

BabyBreeze said...

OK, I did a little search. Still not sure what "so-ran" means, but "bushi" means "festival" or "celebration." Getting there. Found some videos on Youtube with the music and dance. Really cool tune in its original form, and of course BH did a great adaptation of it.

ghostrancedance said...

Many, many thanks for sharing this superb Billy Harper recording. It's one of his very finest, no question.

A few Soran Bushi related links for the curious:




Jo/No said...

Loverhood is just sooo nice! Thank u very much!

I've just thrown up a compilation on my blog, www.jonosaudio.blogspot.com, with a Harper tune I snatched from your previous share of his collab w Faddis.
All in all a roots based collection - some blues, jazz, oriental dub and modern swedish folk music. For the Pharaoh's Dance readers there is also the elegant mr Ellington's tune "Fleurette Africaine" to look forward to... Check it out!

Festoonic said...

Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine turned me on to Billy Harper with his great "Somalia" record. Thank you for expanding my appreciation of this wonderful player!

db said...

great music!
check out
calisoulbrother records
for rare soul, jazz, funk, brazil & latin records!

glenn k said...

Wasn't aware of this record before but it's great!! Many thanks!

Art Simon said...

Great, Thanks!

peskypesky said...

I think Billy Harper is woefully under-rated. Haven't heard this particular album, so thanks for posting it.

Simon666 said...

It's only taken me a year to get to this one :) What a fantastic album, thanks so much Vesper.

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