recorded live at "ginparis" ginza, tokyo, on 26 June 1963

masayuki takayanagi (g)
hideto kanai (b)
kunimitsu inaba (b)
masahiko togashi (d)

masabumi kikuchi (p)
hideto kanai (b)
masahiko togashi (d)

if I were a bell
terumasa hino (tp)
sadanori nakamure (g)
kunimitsu inaba (b)
hiroshi yamazaki (d)

yosuke yamashita (p)
kyohei uyama (g)
hideto kanai (b)
masahiko togashi (d)


vesper said...


fritz the cat said...

I have only recently discovered how good Japanese jazz is, thanks mostly to your blog. Thanks

Anonymous said...


fairest said...

ditto what fritz the cat said. Thanks for some more.

Absolute said...

My eyes too have been opened to the quality of the Japanese artists. As for this one - elegant and right up there with anything else on Blue Note in 1963. I am sure you know how good it is already, thats why you have it up here on your site. How is it that this stuff is not more widly appreciated by the jazz community? You are certainly doing your part in spreading the word. Beautiful.
World class blog- thank you Vesper once again.

soulbrotha said...

I triple what fritz said. Is there anything the Japanese don't do well?

Anonymous said...

I'm having trouble accessing the second link. Any ideas?

Burning Blue Soul said...

Wow; I didn't even know this one existed! What a group of J-Jazz all stars. Between you and Nekko the really unheard J-Jazz is making its way out. Keep it coming and thank you!

Jazz-Nekko said...


nice one per your usual standards!

are you are aware that there is a 'complete' ginparis sessions? the booklet is nearly thirty pages long. it contains all of the music from those sesions - totalling twelve (in addition to those here) previously unreleased long versions. it also has a short video that is an interview with togashi-san and two or three practice sessions.


vesper said...

JN, I did not know about the complete... Do you really own that stuff, lucky you? :)

nuff said...

yes indeed and he's preparing this massive share for the shimanchu people! wow, thanks JN!

sotisier said...

vesper thanks for this and the other recent gems here things are cooking here ..obviously i dond visit enough.
great to hear early pre free takayanagi!!

db said...

great music!
check out
calisoulbrother records
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