another three blind mice


dragon garden
a tree frog
spanish flower

kenji mori (ss, ts, fl, bfl, bcl)
takao uematsu (ts, bcl)
masaru imada (p, el-p)
masayuki takayanagi (g)
hideto kanai (b, el-b, maracas)
nobuyoshi ino (b, el-b, cello)
hiroshi murakami (d)
yuji imamura(perc)


vesper said...

You will need the two files to unzip



el goog said...

many many thanks!!

alex said...

hey vesper!
awesome man!
big thanks!!!

Jazz-Nekko said...


my, my haven't we been a busy bee?

"tee & company"? you?. . .live and learn everyday.

this "trendy" band was invented as a joke. mori-san, uematu-san, takayanagi-san have never really been openly proud about the "tee & company" sides. in fact, their work rarely shows up much any more in compilations -> that is the sign of death here in japan.

i actually prefer uemastu-san's playing after this period of miserable j-disco/fusion,

BUT - you continue to amaze me with what dark treasures you have from my homeland - cheers,


1009 said...

thanks! i'd rather hear takayanagi's "joke" music than most people's "earnest" stuff.

johnv said...

Great stuff, thanks Vesper!

Bob said...

Great! Thanks! but the rar files need password!

Mstein78 said...

hot diggity damn! This is amazing!

Cabinboy said...

i love this album, thanks so much, i am wondering if anyone has Yoshiaki Masuo - Sailing Wonder, or Ponty & Sato - Astrorama, last but not least, Khosuke Mine - Second Album (that's the title)
thanks again for the great great album

Bob said...

Why i can not unzip the both two files? WHY? WHY? WHY?

manny said...

thanks for posting

el goog said...

I sent you an e-mail about TBM.
Please come there.

el goog

el goog said...
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el goog said...
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heiku said...

Cheers, Vesper! Have wanted to hear more from this group since having my head spun by Yuji Imamura's Air, also on TBM and featuring a good overlap of musicians. A minor correction-- this is actually the Spanish Flower lp, preceded by the first half of Dragon Garden. Was this from the Tee & Company Trilogy 2CD? If so, would you be able to post the first disc? Man, I'd be much in your debt.

Nekko, do you really consider this to be "miserable j-disco fusion?" I'm hearing something far deeper.


sexy said...




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