money blues
Dr. king, the peaceful warrior
things have got to change

archie shepp (ts, ss)
joe lee wilson (vcl)
roy burrowes (tp)
ted daniels (tp)
grachan moncur III (tb)
leroy jenkins (vl)
charles greenlee (tb)
james spaulding (as, piccolo)
howard johnson (bs)
dave burrell (el-p)
david Spinozza (g)
billy butler (g)
roland wilson (b)
beaver harris (d)
calo scott (perc, cello)
juma sutan (perc)
ollie anderson (perc)
hetty fox (perc)
claudette brown, anita branham, barbara parsons,
ernestina Parsons, jody shayne, anita shepp,
johnny shepp, sharon shepp (backing vcl)
romulus franceschini, donald F.cooper (electronics)


vesper said...


fabianbass said...

magnifico! very thx!""

ish said...

I have this one but wanted to say what a great record. "Things have got to change...god dammit!"

They don't get any more direct than that!

Solomon said...

Thank you.

charlie said...

Yes, fantastic. Used to have the lp. Must be due for a reissue? Better than some of the other Shepp Verve have put out.

tubeworms said...

Thanks a lot! Great stuff..

Art Simon said...

Love it! Thanks!

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

this is great. thanks!

il angelo said...

Fabulous, just great ( and with Joe Lee, damm'it, isn't he wonderful?) Thanx

johnv said...

Never seen this one before but I can't wait to check it out. Thanks!

ganietzsche said...

astounding lineup, thanks for this gem!

Anonymous said...

great, thanks


bamabob said...

This looks great! Thanks for posting it--can't wait to hear it!

ghostrancedance said...

Many thanks! It's been a long time since I heard this album. It's a gem!!!!!

chris_c said...

thanks as ever - this looks great! am currently diving into the japanese tresures from recent posts - just fantastic! am relatively new to this stuff and it is really opening my ears!

fritz the cat said...

Excellent. Thank you very much.

Chris Ward said...

Thanks a lot for this gem - I never knew it existed.

david_grundy said...

Oh yes! One of Shepp's best albums from this period, half-way between the free jazz and the straighter jazz of later years...Always loved Joe Lee Wilson's vocals. You don't happen to have the live album made by Archie Shepp's Attica Blues Big Band, do you? (Live at les Palace des Glaces, I think it's called). I've been trying to trakc it down for ages, but to no avail.

MaxPtah said...

thanks, keep up the good work

Gianni said...

fantastic post.
thanks vesper

Slidewell said...

Shepp! This one looks way cool! thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

great post!
thanks a lot!

MaxPtah said...

on the money with this one. thanks

Superfly said...

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Thanks !

djandpete said...

thanks love this

El Mafufo said...

Wow. Been looking for this one had a very beat up vinyl, thanks.

Strange Fruit said...

Can someone tell me where El Reza went?

It is GREAT to see this blog back up!

taro nombei said...

archie shepp... alright! last time i saw him (jsut a couple of years back) he was still blowing a mighty horn. so, that's something that didn't need to change.
many thanks indeed.

Max said...

Thanks for another great post.

lc said...

'feels like dancing.

GBML said...

Afro look, black is beautifull, free jazz, no aids, what a time!

groovyvinyl said...

Many thanks for this share.

Prof Babacar said...

Thx a lot I hadn't heard this one

thomas said...

Very good one... I have it on vinyl.

-> to david_grundy : I own a LP copy of the Attica Blues Big Band at the Palais des Glaces as well as several other rare european recordings of Archie Shepp and others. I would be glad to share but I have not much time to record the vinyls in mp3 format at the moment.
You can contact me at the following address :

Many thanks to Vesper for sharing

Sgt. Getraer said...

LOVE Attica Blues...is this album in that vein?

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