yuji takahashi (p, synths)
ryuichi sakamoto (p, synths)
yuji takahashi Jr (synths)
masahiko togashi (perc)
yoshizaburo toyozumi (perc)


vesper said...


Solomon said...

Thank you.

gerryco23 said...

The zip file might be corrupted - I've tried to unzip it twice but get a message 'unexpected end of file encountered'. Any chance of a re-upload? BTW - very many thanks for Rings. A real discovery!

Art Simon said...

Cool, Thanks!

el goog said...

Hi vesper
I know, is limited, appearing include the meaning that it is hard to handle very much in this music.
Did you know about Hồ Chí Minh, who was the President once in North Vietnam, and his chinese poems that became the basis of this Improvisation?
But sorry, I can't translate these poems :)

Anyway, I was surprised very much by your post and respect you.

all the best,

Anthony Dolphin said...

Another amazing post. Some of your visitors might like to see the mighty Sabu Toyozumi (drummer on this record) in action... http://jp.youtube.com/watch?v=9vjRwrfVM78

There are more Japanese jazz live clips on my YouTube page www.youtube.com/santasprees)

Thanks again,

Anthony Dolphin, Santa Sprees, Tokyo

Anonymous said...

this isn't even mentioned in Sakamoto discographies ... he was so young when they made this...

Anonymous said...

Thank you vesper, great album.

rickdog said...

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alex said...

many thanks for this gem vesper-appreciated

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