martin luther king jr.
girl, you got a home
slide hampton
follow me
flying fish

cecil payne (bs)
winton kelly (p)
wilbur ware (b)
albert 'tootie' heath (d)
kenny dorham (tp)


vesper said...


trumpetaaa said...

thanks for another wonderful record

Anonymous said...

Loving all the LPs on here, what a treasure trove of great Jazz. Those Randy Weston albums are amazing, thank you very much.
Is there any chance that the Alice Coltrane - Huntington Ashram one can be re-upped some time?
Thanks if you can
Chris Ward
Nottingham - UK

vesper said...

Scroll down a bit, the working link is at the end of the comments box :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Vesper, I'll be more attentive in future.
I'm going to Mali in November on holiday, I'll let you know if I acquire any good sounds (I'm sure I will!)
Keep up your great work sir

soup said...

digging the strata east. much appreciated.

I'm going back to look closely at your hint of Alice Coltrane again ;-) thanks

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much. Had the privledge of working with Cecil. An unsung hero-no doubt.

Anonymous said...

Always love the bari sax. Hadn't been aware of Cecil Payne before; I'll keep an ear out.

Peter said...

Gr8 bari! Ta m8! :)

Pablo said...

Thanks, I'm a baritone saxophone fan, and this is the best thing i've heard from Payne

katonah said...

sweet. cd i request muriel winston a frsh view point or erotica suite both strata ... ash

DannyBlue said...

Really enjoying this one. Thanks yet again

orleyfarm said...
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vesper said...

Well... the link still is working!!!

orleyfarm said...

Sorry about the superfluous request. The link magically decided to work for me.

This album is GREAT!!!! Thanks so much for posting it. I have listened to it about ten times since DL-ing it.

Do you think Kelly is overdubbing the orgam or piano on "Girl, You've Got a Home," or is it some mystery uncredited organist.

Very poignant that Dorham was working for the P.O. at this time.


jb said...

Fabulous set. Thanks.


chano said...

Beautiful! R.I.P Cecil. Unsung hero yes but we remember him and we love him, thanks to Vesper. Was this the last recording by KD and Kelly?

El Mafufo said...

Long live Pharoah's dance!!!

Solomon said...

Thank you.

Danny said...

January 20 2009

Today is Obama's inauguration
yesterday was MLK day
On the radio they played Martin Luther King from this album
I am so glad I was able to find it here, a place I've visited before, and always brings me pleasure.

Thanks and Love- Danny

aroonie said...

Great stuff. A rare find.

neil said...

A rare groove indeed! Many thanks...

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